Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Ruslan mansor hiding on his face

On Sunday on the way back to my home town I was called by my friend telling me who is the administrator of Kelapa Mawar blog, Abunawas, wakil bukit and uladtalinga. According to him one of his source as an internet operator in Kota Belud found out that after Ruslan Mansor left his premises he found that domain on Kelapa Mawar, Abunawas, Wakil bukit and Uladtanglia still active.

He certainly confirmed that the administrator of all those unknown blogs operated by Ruslan Mansor.

Ruslan Mansor used these blogs to slander blogger, leaders, and personal attack for his own mileage.

To all bloggers in Kota Belud please be aware the present of those crazy unnamed blogs.


ustazalimabdullah said...

salam. sila ziarah ke blog saya

Sniper said...

we already know...we knew it..